How Dark Can You Tint Your Window? Window Tint Laws In All States

How Dark Can You Tint Your Window? Window Tint Laws In All States

Understanding car window tint laws is essential for ensuring compliance with state regulations. Each state has its own laws regarding permissible tint percentages, commonly referred to as Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percent. These laws dictate the amount of light allowed into the vehicle through tinted windows.

When considering tint percentages, it's crucial to keep in mind that these regulations also apply to windshield tinting. Depending on the state, there are specific guidelines regarding the portion of the windshield that can be tinted or the allowable tint percentage for the entire windshield.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of car window tint laws by state.

Window Tint Laws by State

It's important to note that while we strive for accuracy, completeness, and currency, the information provided may not be warranted or guaranteed. We are not legal professionals and do not offer legal advice. For legal guidance on window tinting laws, we recommend consulting with a qualified attorney or legal expert.

By referring to this chart, you can determine the appropriate shade of tint that aligns with your state's regulations and meets your preferences.


Q: Is window tinting legal?
A: Yes, window tinting is legal in most states, provided it complies with the permitted visible light transmittance.

Q: What is the darkest legal tint?
A: The allowable darkness of window tint varies by state. Each state has its own regulations governing the darkness permitted on different windows of a vehicle.

Q: How do I make my tint look darker?
A: To achieve a darker tint appearance, the best method is to replace the existing window tint with a darker shade. While layering tint over tint is possible, it's generally not recommended and may void the tint warranty.

Q: Is limo window tint illegal?
A: Limo tint, typically referring to 5% tint, which blocks out 95% of light, may be legal or illegal depending on the state regulations and the windows to which it is applied. Refer to the state-specific regulations to determine the legality of limo tint.

Q: Is 30 percent tint dark?
A: 30% tint is considered a medium darkness shade. It falls between the darkest available tint (5%) and the clearest (50% and above). It's a popular choice for front side windows due to its balance of darkness and visibility.

Q: How do cops know if your tint is too dark?
A: Law enforcement employs tint meters to measure the visible light transmission (VLT) through vehicle windows. This method determines whether the tint complies with legal requirements.

Q: What's the darkest window tint percentage?
A: 5% is commonly regarded as the darkest window tint percentage available. While some manufacturers produce tint as dark as 2%, 5% is the most prevalent on the market.

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