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18 products

Why Choose RAXTiFY Window Tint Films

As temperatures soar in the summer, your vehicle becomes vulnerable to interior damage, potentially leading to costly repairs. Safeguard your car with RAXTiFY's impressive range of Heat-Blocking Window Tint Films, available in various light transmission percentages (VLT). These films are meticulously crafted to minimize heat and UV radiation intrusion, ensuring both protection and comfort.

Window Tints: A Blend of Protection and Style

Window tints have long been sought-after not only for their protective attributes but also for their aesthetic appeal. They elevate the allure of any vehicle, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality on the road. With RAXTiFY's tint films, your car radiates opulence while reaping dual benefits provided it complies with state regulations.

Outstanding Features for Your Peace of Mind

Our premium window tint films come in rolls of different lengths, catering to various window sizes. They boast durability, scratch resistance, and easy application, promising years of flawless protection. With a thickness of 2mil, these films block 99.5% of UV rays and 92% of infrared rays, safeguarding your skin and preserving the interior's pristine condition.

Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

Beyond protection, our window tints enhance fuel efficiency by maintaining a pleasant interior temperature, reducing reliance on air conditioning. Their solar control properties not only keep your cabin cool but also shield your eyes from UV exposure, ensuring a refreshing and active driving experience. Additionally, they prevent upholstery fading, preserving your car's luxurious appeal.

Tailored to Your Preferences

Our tint films come in a range of shades, from light to dark, allowing you to customize both aesthetics and protection levels. Whether you seek maximum heat rejection or a balance between protection and visibility, we've got you covered. However, before making a purchase, ensure compliance with state tinting regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Privacy and Comfort Redefined

Crafted with nano-ceramic particles, our tint films offer premium privacy without compromising visibility. They reduce glare, creating a comfortable environment for all occupants while protecting valuables from prying eyes. Moreover, their color stability and excellent clarity ensure long-lasting performance, day or night.

Versatile and Easy to Maintain

Not just for vehicles, our window tints find utility in homes, offering privacy and temperature control. Installation is a breeze, and maintenance is hassle-free, thanks to the adhesive's strong bond and the film's reversibility. Whether you're aiming to enhance your car's aesthetics or protect your home's interiors, RAXTiFY's window tint films are your go-to solution.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Window Tint?

The cost of wrapping a window tint varies depending on several factors such as the size of the window, type of tint material, and labor charges. On average, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 per window for professional wrapping services. High-quality materials and complex installations may incur higher costs. It's advisable to request quotes from reputable service providers to get a precise estimate tailored to your specific requirements. Investing in professional installation ensures a seamless finish and maximizes the longevity of your window tint.

How Long Will Window Tints Last?

Window tints typically last for many years if properly installed and maintained. High-quality tints can endure for up to 8 years or more without significant fading or peeling. However, the longevity of tints can vary depending on factors like the quality of the film, climate conditions, and exposure to sunlight. Routine cleaning with mild, non-ammonia-based cleaners and avoiding abrasive materials can help extend their lifespan. Additionally, selecting tints from reputable brands and having them professionally installed increases their durability and ensures a longer-lasting investment in both appearance and functionality.

How To Maintain Your Window Tints?

Maintaining your window tints is essential for longevity and aesthetic appeal. Here are some valuable tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a mild soap or specialized window tint cleaner to gently wipe away dirt and grime.

  2. Soft Materials Only: Avoid abrasive materials like rough sponges or brushes that can scratch the tint.

  3. Gentle Wiping Motion: Use a soft microfiber cloth in a gentle, circular motion to clean the tinted surface effectively.

  4. Avoid Ammonia-Based Cleaners: These can damage the tint, so opt for ammonia-free solutions.

  5. Inspect Periodically: Check for any signs of peeling or bubbling, and address them promptly to prevent further damage.

VLT of Window Tint Film

5% VLT Heat Rejecting Window Tint Film

15% VLT Heat Rejecting Window Tint Film

35% VLT Heat Rejecting Window Tint Film

50% VLT Heat Rejecting Window Tint Film

70% VLT Heat Rejecting Window Tint Film

70% VLT Heat Rejecting Chameleon Blue Yellow Window Tint Film

75% VLT Heat Rejecting Chameleon Blue Purple Window Tint Film

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Transform Your Driving Experience

In conclusion, RAXTiFY's Heat-Blocking window tint films provide a convenient and effective solution to combat heat, UV radiation, and glare while enhancing privacy and preserving your vehicle's interior. Elevate your driving experience by selecting the appropriate tint percentage and adding it to your cart today!

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