Motorcycle Vinyl Wraps - Available In All Colors

Vinyl Motorcycle Wraps

Vinyl Motorcycle Wraps

Motorcycles represent more than mere transportation; they epitomize a lifestyle allowing riders to traverse the nation's highways or meander through winding country lanes at their leisure. Riding a motorcycle transcends mere point-to-point travel; it embodies an immersive experience, a fusion of freedom and adventure. Enthusiasts often imbue their bikes with customized touches, transforming them into unique reflections of personal style and character.

Motorcycle wraps offer a canvas for individual expression, allowing riders to personalize their machines with vibrant designs or sleek finishes. These wraps not only add flair but also serve as a protective layer, safeguarding against the elements while enhancing the aesthetics of the bike. Whether cruising through urban landscapes or exploring remote trails, the motorcycle wrap becomes an integral part of the rider's identity, a statement of individuality amidst the roar of the open road.

Benefits Of Motorcycle Wrap 


In today's motorcycle manufacturing, a blend of lightweight materials and sturdy plastics is utilized to maintain the beloved sporty aesthetics while ensuring durability. However, the allure of the sporty look shouldn't overshadow the practicality of keeping your bike shielded from mud and dirt.

motorcycle wrap for you

Fortunately, there's an ingenious solution: motorcycle wrap. This innovative protective covering not only preserves your bike's sleek appearance but also acts as a barrier against the elements, safeguarding it from the rigors of the road.

By opting for motorcycle wrap, you're not just enhancing the visual appeal of your ride; you're investing in its longevity and resilience. Say goodbye to worries about grime and debris tarnishing your motorcycle's finish, and hello to a sleek, sporty look that stands the test of time.


Motorcycle wraps offer a hassle-free application process, allowing you to effortlessly adhere them onto your bike either in sections or as one continuous piece. Their durability is unmatched, enduring challenges like being pulled over fenders and even through puddles without wearing down or fading. Unlike traditional paint, these wraps boast fade-resistant properties, eliminating the need for touch-ups over years of use.

Motorcycle wraps offer a hassle-free application process

Installing a motorcycle wrap yourself? Just ensure you follow the correct steps to avoid any issues like lifting, peeling, or cracking. One significant advantage is their ability to seamlessly hide film joins, giving the impression of a professionally done, one-piece application.


Motorcycle wraps offer an affordable solution for customizing your chopper's appearance, allowing you to tailor its color, texture, and design through vinyl installation. Whether you're enhancing your personal ride or seeking to bolster your professional brand, the array of color schemes and logo options available ensures a bespoke look. Moreover, opting for a motorcycle wrap brings added value due to its superior scratch resistance compared to traditional paints, making it a wise investment of both time and money. With RAXTiFY, you can safeguard your chopper's aesthetic appeal while enjoying enhanced durability on the road.

Ease Of Customization

motorcycle with customizable wraps

Transform your motorcycle with customizable wraps, offering endless possibilities to match your personality and style. Whether you're testing the waters or diving in headfirst, you have the flexibility to start with a partial wrap and progress to a full makeover at your own pace. Thanks to the versatility of vinyl, the installation and removal process is a breeze, allowing you to update your look as frequently as you desire. Take your customization to the next level by incorporating accents like decals and logos atop your motorcycle wraps. With motorcycle wraps, the journey to personalizing your ride has never been smoother or more exciting.

Motorcycle You Can Wrap

There's a myriad of motorcycles waiting to be dressed up with a sleek motorcycle wrap, ranging from standard models to cruisers, choppers, and even scooters. Whether it's enhancing the look of your dirt bike or adding a vibrant touch to your bicycle, motorcycle wraps offer a versatile solution without causing any harm to the underlying materials.

Motorcycle You Can Wrap

The beauty of motorcycle wraps lies in their adaptability. Regardless of the original material or additional finishes, such as carbon fiber or plastic, a motorcycle wrap can seamlessly adhere to the surface, transforming its appearance without compromising its integrity.

Opting for a motorcycle wrap not only elevates the aesthetics of your ride but also provides a protective layer against scratches and minor damages. It's a practical and stylish way to personalize your motorcycle while ensuring its longevity on the road.

So, whether you're aiming for a bold statement or a subtle change, motorcycle wraps offer endless possibilities to revamp your ride and make it truly stand out on the streets.

How Are Motorcycle Wrap Applied 

Prepare the surface meticulously, ensuring it's free from any debris, dirt, or residue. These elements can significantly hamper the adhesive capabilities of your motorcycle wrap.

How Are Motorcycle Wrap Applied

Gently remove any existing decals, stickers, or sticky residues that might interfere with the application process.

Take out any nuts, bolts, or logos attached to the surface.

Peel off the backing and carefully apply the motorcycle wrap.

Cover the entire surface with plastic wrap to secure the wrap in place.

Smooth out the wrap using your hands, ensuring it adheres firmly.

Utilize a heat gun to firmly secure the wrap onto the bike.

After cooling, use a squeegee to eliminate any wrinkles or air bubbles, ensuring a seamless finish.

Trim any excess wrap for a neat appearance.

Reattach nuts, bolts, and logos securely onto the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Wraps - Available In All Colors

Metallic Wraps

Metallic vinyl wraps not only enhance the aesthetics of your motorcycle but also provide robust protection and long-lasting durability. Infused with captivating metal flakes, these wraps create a visually stunning effect when illuminated by light, giving your motorcycle a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

Color Shift Wraps

Color shift vinyl wraps, crafted from high-quality polymeric multi-layered material, offer an excellent solution for motorcycle wraps. Engineered with air release channels, these wraps boast a smooth texture and subtle sheen akin to the original paintwork. Renowned for their affordability and ease of maintenance, they are the preferred choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Chrome Wraps

Chrome wraps offer a sophisticated solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle twith their lustrous mirror finish and reflective qualities. While they impart a sleek and stylish appearance, it's essential to consider their maintenance requirements. Chrome wraps, though stunning, demand careful handling due to their susceptibility to scratches.

Carbon Fiber




Carbon fiber wraps have surged in popularity, emerging as the latest craze in the market. With intricate weave patterns, the new generation of carbon fiber wraps closely mimics the appearance of authentic carbon fiber. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of motorcycle, but it also contributes to their structural integrity, resulting in a more robust and versatile body. This innovative motorcycle wrap not only offers a sleek and stylish look but also provides added functionality, making it a must-have accessory for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Final Word

Enhancing your motorcycle with a personalized touch goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's an opportunity to champion causes and raise awareness within the riding community. Whether you're advocating for a charity or simply expressing your unique style, motorcycle wraps offer a dynamic platform to make a statement. Discover the perfect motorcycle wrap to elevate your ride and amplify your message.


Q1: Can I customize the vinyl wrap to match my motorcycle's color?

A: Yes, motorcycle vinyl wraps are available in a wide range of colors, allowing for customization to match your motorcycle's color scheme perfectly.

Q2: How long does a vinyl wrap typically last on a motorcycle?

A: With proper care and maintenance, a motorcycle vinyl wrap can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, depending on factors such as exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

Q3: Is it difficult to remove a vinyl wrap from my motorcycle's surface?

A: While it may require some effort, removing a vinyl wrap from a motorcycle's surface is typically not overly difficult. It can be done using heat and adhesive removers, but professional assistance is recommended for best results and to avoid damage to the underlying paint.

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