Vinyl Wrap For Jeep Grand Cherokee

Vinyl Wrap For Jeep Grand Cherokee


Imagine your Jeep Grand Cherokee gleaming with a lustrous pearl white wrap as it glides along the open road – a breathtaking sight, reminiscent of a precious gem sparkling in the morning light. This is the captivating impression that a Cherokee wrap leaves on all who behold it.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts, thanks to its impressive array of features. Renowned for its off-road prowess, it's no wonder that many choose to wrap their Grand Cherokee for the added protection and visual enhancement that vinyl provides.

But what exactly does a Grand Cherokee wrap entail? How does it elevate both the style and functionality of this beloved vehicle? Let's delve into everything you need to know about the art of wrapping a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Wondering About the Cost of Wrapping Your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

When considering the expense of wrapping your Jeep Grand Cherokee, several factors come into play. These factors determine the cost of purchasing and installing vinyl for your vehicle. Key considerations include the complexity of the wrap, whether it's a full or partial wrap or a graphic installation, the quality of vinyl selected, and who will be performing the installation. Additionally, the state you reside in and the associated labor costs are significant factors in the overall estimation.

Typically, the cost of wrapping a Jeep Grand Cherokee ranges from approximately $1,500 to $5,000. However, this estimate can vary based on factors such as the quality of vinyl chosen and the company selected for installation. In some cases, prices may even reach as high as $10,000, especially if premium vinyl options are chosen or additional customization is desired.

The Advantages of Wrapping Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wrap solutions for Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles revolutionize the realm of customization, offering a blend of personalization and protection. Discover the key benefits:

Enhanced Protection

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, built for rugged terrains, faces risks like scratches and minor dents from debris. A vinyl wrap acts as a shield, preserving the pristine condition of the original paintwork against such hazards. Additionally, it withstands diverse weather conditions and shields the SUV from UV rays, preventing premature color fading and preserving its resale value.

Easy Removal and Replacement

Tired of the same wrap color? Fear not. Vinyl wraps offer easy removal and replacement, allowing you to explore various colors and finishes. Whether you seek a fresh look or wish to revert to the original color, quality vinyl leaves no residue or damage, ensuring flexibility and versatility in customization.

Cost-Effective Solution

Wrapping your sleek and sophisticated Grand Cherokee won't break the bank. Vinyl wraps offer a more budget-friendly alternative to traditional paint jobs. What's more, they not only save you money but also time. The wrapping process is significantly quicker from application to full curing compared to painting.

Versatile Customization

With vinyl wraps, the possibilities for customization are virtually limitless. Choose from an extensive palette of colors and finishes, allowing you to express your individuality. Whether you opt for a full wrap, covering the entirety of your Grand Cherokee, or a partial wrap focusing on specific areas like wing mirrors, fenders, bumpers, hood, or trunk, the choice is yours. Mix and match different vinyl types to create a unique look that sets your Jeep apart from the rest.

Vinyl Wrap For Jeep Grand Cherokee

How Much Vinyl Do I Need To Wrap My Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wondering how much vinyl you'll need for wrapping your Jeep Grand Cherokee? We've got you covered with all the details you need. Here's a breakdown based on different generations:

For the First Generation:

  • 1993-95: 178.7 inches
  • 1996-98: 181.2 inches
  • You'll need approximately 55-60ft of vinyl wrap.

For the Second Generation:

  • 1999-2000: 181.5 inches
  • 2001-03: 181.6 inches
  • 2004: 181.3 inches
  • Plan for about 55-60ft of vinyl wrap.

For the Third Generation:

  • 2005: 186.6 inches
  • Estimate around 58-62ft of vinyl wrap.

For the Fourth Generation:

  • 2011: 189.8 inches
  • Prepare for about 59-63ft of vinyl wrap.

For the Fifth Generation:

  • 193.5 inches (SWB) / 204.9 inches (LWB)
  • You'll need approximately 60-65ft of vinyl wrap.

If you're considering a partial wrap, it's best to consult with an automotive professional. They can advise you on the specific areas to wrap based on your preferences and ensure you don't overspend on extra vinyl. With their expertise, you'll get the perfect wrap without any waste. 

Exploring Various Finishes and Color Options for Jeep Grand Cherokee Wraps

To aid your decision-making process, here's a concise overview of different wrap finishes and the color selections available for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Glossy Vinyl Wraps

Glossy wraps offer a sleek shine resembling the vehicle's original paint, while providing protection against environmental elements. Opt for unique colors with RAXTiFY's glossy wraps, available in two variants: High and super glossy, with subtle differences in shimmer intensity.

For the Grand Cherokee, consider Super Glossy Maroon, Super Glossy Glacier Blue, Super Glossy Orange Poppy, and High Glossy Vintage Racing Green. These shades add a glamorous and contemporary touch to your vehicle.

Metallic Vinyl Wraps

Metallic wraps boast a high shimmer factor, providing a polished, metal-like finish that elevates your Grand Cherokee's presence on the road. Choose from six types at RAXTiFY, including Candy, Rainbow, Glitter, Matte, Glossy, and Brushed Metallic, each offering a distinct appeal.

Explore Glossy Metallic Liquid Silver, Glossy Metallic Black Rose, Glossy Metallic Pearl Blue, Rainbow Metallic Majestic Dark Gray, Matte Metallic Forest Green, and Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple for bold and eye-catching options.

Rainbow Metallic wraps exhibit multiple shades under different light angles, adding a magical allure to your vehicle. Consider Glitter Metallic Diamond Purple or Star Ash Aurora for a blend of glitter and metallic sheen.

Matte Vinyl Wraps

Matte wraps deliver a muted, shine-free appearance, perfect for a subtle yet stylish look for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. RAXTiFY offers a range of matte colors, including the Matte White Chameleon series, which shifts shades under different lighting conditions.

Opt for Matte Black, Matte Gunmetal Purple, Matte Silk Gray, Matte Military Green, or explore the Matte White Chameleon series for versatile options.

Chrome Vinyl Wraps

For a bold statement, Chrome wraps from RAXTiFY offer specular finishes that reflect light brilliantly. Choose from Mirror and Opal Chrome wraps for dazzling effects, or opt for the muted shine of Satin Chrome for a silk-like appearance.

Consider Opal Chrome White, Satin Chrome Silk Green, Satin Chrome Silk Copper, Mirror Chrome Silver, or Gold for striking choices that leave a lasting impression.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Emulate the look of original carbon fiber with this wrap, suitable for partial or split car wraps, as well as interior cabin elements like the dashboard and steering wheel. RAXTiFY's Carbon Fiber wrap provides protection against UV rays, ensuring durability and style for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Vinyl Wrap For Jeep Grand Cherokee

Different Modes Of Jeep Grand Cherokee Wrap

There are various methods available to wrap your Jeep Grand Cherokee, each offering unique benefits:

Full Wrap

Opting for a full Jeep Grand Cherokee wrap means complete coverage from bumper to bumper, including the roof. This transforms the appearance of your Jeep with a new color and finish. While full wraps are more expensive due to the increased vinyl and labor costs, glossy and metallic vinyl options are highly recommended for a stunning look.

Partial Wrap

Partial wrapping involves covering specific parts of the SUV, such as bumpers, hood, trunk, wing mirrors, or side panels. This is a more budget-friendly option and allows for customization while ensuring the chosen color complements or contrasts well with the original color of the Jeep. Matte or glossy black is a popular choice, and carbon fiber wrap adds a touch of sophistication.

Split Wrap

A split wrap provides a two-toned appearance to your Grand Cherokee, adding a unique design element. By using contrasting vinyl colors, such as Weave Black Carbon Fiber and Glossy Metallic Gotland Green, you achieve full coverage with a distinct look. However, this option can be more expensive as it requires purchasing and seamlessly applying two different vinyl films.

Custom Wraps

Opting for a custom Jeep Grand Cherokee wrap allows for complete personalization, with the ability to print any design onto white vinyl film. This creates a highly distinctive look, whether it's geometric patterns, camo print, anime-inspired graphics, or any other design of your choice. While this is the most expensive option due to printing costs, it delivers a truly unique result.

Vinyl Decals

For those who prefer not to fully or partially wrap their Grand Cherokee, vinyl decals offer a customizable alternative. Ready-to-install decals are available in the market, or you can have special ones printed for your SUV. While pre-made decals like race stripes, flames, Hemi Shred, Ram, and Titan are cost-effective, custom options allow for a personalized touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jeep Grand Cherokee Wraps

Q. How long does a Jeep Grand Cherokee vinyl wrap last? The lifespan of a vinyl wrap for your Jeep Grand Cherokee varies based on factors like vinyl quality, usage, parking conditions, and maintenance. With proper care, a vinyl wrap can endure for at least three to four years. But why stick to the same look? Refresh your Jeep Grand Cherokee's appearance every few years.

Q. Can you remove the Jeep Grand Cherokee wrap without causing paint damage? Yes, high-quality vinyl wraps can be removed easily without harming the underlying paint. They leave no adhesive residue behind. It's important not to leave your Grand Cherokee wrap on for too long. When it's time for removal, act promptly. Sun-baked wraps are harder to take off.

Q. Is it cheaper to wrap or paint your Jeep Grand Cherokee? Typically, an excellent paint job costs between $3,000 and $10,000, while a top-notch car wrap ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. Given that a professional vehicle wrap can cost less than half of a good paint job, many opt for wraps for their Grand Cherokee.

Moreover, unlike paint jobs, vinyl wraps offer versatility in color, finish, and design. They can be changed frequently, and installation is quicker—your Grand Cherokee can hit the road within two to three days.

Q. Will a Jeep Grand Cherokee wrap prevent rust on the SUV? Rust forms when iron, oxygen, and moisture interact. Wrapping your Grand Cherokee with vinyl creates a protective barrier, shielding it from direct contact with water and sunlight. As a result, rust development is prevented on the car's panels.

Transform Your Jeep Grand Cherokee with a Vinyl Wrap!

Wrapping your Jeep Grand Cherokee in vinyl is a fantastic way to refresh its look without compromising its original paint job. With a wide range of colors and finishes available, vinyl wraps offer endless customization options to suit your style preferences perfectly. What's more, these wraps can be removed easily without causing any damage to the underlying paint, making them a cost-effective alternative to traditional paint jobs.

Not only does a vinyl wrap offer aesthetic appeal, but it's also a practical investment for your vehicle. With proper care, a vinyl wrap can withstand the test of time, providing your Jeep Grand Cherokee with long-lasting protection and a touch of glamour on the road.

Discover an extensive selection of vinyl wraps tailored for your Jeep Grand Cherokee at RAXTiFY. Whether you're looking for a bold new color or a unique pattern, we've got you covered. Plus, explore our range of printable vinyl for personalized designs that truly stand out. And if you prefer to maintain your Jeep's original color while ensuring maximum protection, explore our premium paint protection films for ultimate peace of mind.

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