Vantablack Car Wrap

Envision the epitome of automotive allure and desirability – a hue so profound and captivating that it transcends the conventional spectrum of blacks. Enter Vantablack, a distinctive vinyl film renowned for its unparalleled light-absorbing prowess, rendering it as deep and intense as the void itself.

This extraordinary Vantablack car wrap seems to embrace the essence of a moonless night, exuding an air of sleek sophistication and an aura of mystery. Perhaps it's the profound versatility of this black pigment that fuels the intrigue. Picture the fusion of this deepest shade of black into a vehicle wrap, crafting an enthralling masterpiece that turns heads and sparks envy from every passerby.

This is not a mere fantasy; it's a tangible reality. A scientific breakthrough has paved its way into the automotive industry, presenting Vantablack as the darkest shade to encapsulate and elevate your ride. Unveiling the Vantablack Car Wrap, a manifestation of cutting-edge technology meeting automotive aesthetics.

Vantablack car wrap

What Is A Vantablack Car Wrap?

Introducing Vantablack, a groundbreaking coating that has earned the title of the darkest substance ever created, captivating the world with its unparalleled light-absorbing capabilities. Developed by Surrey NanoSystems in 2014, Vantablack stands as a marvel in color technology, its acronym denoting its distinctive composition: Vertically Aligned NanoTube Array Black.

With an extraordinary light absorption rate of 99.965 percent, Vantablack emerges as the undisputed champion of darkness, casting its contemporaries into obscurity. Originally conceived for applications in space exploration and optics, this remarkable material now transcends its origins, making a transformative leap from paint to revolutionary car wraps.

What Is A Vantablack Car Wrap?

These avant-garde Vantablack car wraps mark a historic milestone in the vehicle customization industry. By harnessing the light-absorbing prowess of Vantablack, automotive enthusiasts can elevate their vehicles to new heights of visual allure, creating an aura of mystique unparalleled in luxury vehicle aesthetics.

The application of Vantablack in car wraps signifies a paradigm shift, offering a fusion of advanced material and automotive design. This evolution allows for an infusion of fascination, captivating onlookers and setting a new standard in the visual appeal of luxury vehicles.

Musou Black vs. Vantablack Car Wrap

Vantablack and Musou Black car wraps stand out as exceptional choices in the realm of specialized coatings, each offering unique advantages and applications for vehicle customization. These options cater to distinct preferences and requirements, providing enthusiasts with diverse avenues for personalizing their vehicles.

Renowned for its extraordinary light-absorbing characteristics, Vantablack boasts an ability to absorb up to 99.9% of light, achieved through the integration of randomly aligned carbon nanotubes. When applied as a car wrap, Vantablack produces a mesmerizing effect, rendering the vehicle seemingly devoid of texture and depth. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Vantablack vinyl represents a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge material engineering and automotive design, challenging traditional notions of color and light in the automotive industry.

Musou Black vs. Vantablack Car Wrap

In contrast, Musou Black car wrap harnesses the practical attributes of Musou Black acrylic paint, offering a different set of benefits. Notable for its straightforward application process, vibrant color brilliance, and robust resistance, Musou Black wrap serves as a reliable solution for achieving a rich, deep black hue on a vehicle's exterior. Although lacking Vantablack's light-absorbing capabilities, Musou Black emanates a classic sophistication, elevating the vehicle's visual appeal with its deep, lustrous finish. Its versatility across various surfaces, weather resistance, and eco-friendly composition contribute to its widespread popularity in the automotive customization landscape.

Ultimately, the choice between Vantablack and Musou Black car wraps hinges on the desired visual impact and specific requirements of the vehicle owner, providing a spectrum of options for those seeking to redefine and enhance their automotive aesthetics.

Vantablack Wraps For Lamborghini Urus

Vantablack Wraps For Lamborghini Urus

Highlighting the extraordinary characteristics of a Vantablack wrap, the Lamborghini Urus serves as an ideal canvas for showcasing its unparalleled qualities. This luxury SUV effortlessly embodies a sleek, jet-black, and ultra-dark aesthetic, boldly pushing the boundaries of automotive design.

The velvety, understated surface of Vantablack serves to accentuate the Urus' sharp angles and aggressive design elements, creating a striking contrast that magnifies the vehicle's intricate crevices and contours. To fully envelop this dynamic SUV, approximately 62 to 65 feet of Vantablack material is required, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating transformation.

The utilization of Vantablack wrap significantly elevates the overall visual impact of the Lamborghini Urus, positioning it as a standout presence in any automotive setting. However, it is crucial to consider the practical implications and maintenance requirements associated with this specialized material.

Ensure the enduring allure of your Vantablack-wrapped Urus by addressing the unique care demands of this avant-garde aesthetic, marrying cutting-edge design with thoughtful consideration for long-term preservation.

Vantablack Wraps For Tesla

Vantablack Wraps For Tesla

Elevating the already sleek and futuristic design of Tesla cars, the application of Vantablack vinyl adds an extra layer of modernity, elegance, and sophistication. This avant-garde vinyl wrap produces a mesmerizing visual effect, creating an appearance where the car's contours seemingly transcend into a realm of two-dimensional artistry. To fully envelop any model of Tesla, an estimated 55 to 60 feet of Vantablack Car Wrap is required.

Beyond its aesthetic prowess, the Vantablack Car Wrap boasts practical benefits. By virtue of its light-absorbing properties, Vantablack significantly mitigates reflections and glare. This attribute holds the potential to enhance visibility and improve safety, especially during intense sunlight or in brightly illuminated environments.

In addition to its visual allure, the Vantablack Car Wrap serves a dual purpose, aligning seamlessly with the demands of practicality and safety. Its light-absorbing characteristics not only contribute to the car's striking appearance but also provide a tangible advantage in reducing glare and reflections. This dual functionality underscores the synergy of cutting-edge design and real-world utility, positioning the Vantablack Car Wrap as a sophisticated and purposeful enhancement for Tesla vehicles.

Investing in the Vantablack Car Wrap not only transforms the visual identity of your Tesla but also aligns with the pursuit of safety and performance on the road. Embrace the future of automotive aesthetics and functionality with the Vantablack Car Wrap, where form meets function in perfect harmony.

Vantablack Wraps For BMW

Vantablack Wraps For BMW

The coveted title of the world's blackest car is exclusively held by the BMW X6, a masterpiece adorned with a revolutionary Vantablack paint, a collaborative creation with Surrey NanoSystems. This unique, light-absorbing paint sets the BMW X6 apart, redefining the notion of eye-catching aesthetics.

Crafting a Vantablack wrap to emulate this unparalleled color on BMW vehicles was no ordinary feat. Meticulously tailored to meet BMW's renowned standards of quality and craftsmanship, the vinyl wrap encapsulates the car in a visually stunning allure.

The Vantablack wrap not only creates a mesmerizing contrast against the car's body but also bestows an extraordinary sense of sleekness and elegance upon the vehicle. This transformative medium accentuates BMW's distinctive design details and sharp lines, showcasing the brand's aesthetic prowess. The result is a dynamic and sporty profile that captivates onlookers with its striking visual impact.

Vantablack Wraps For Ferrari

Vantablack Wraps For Ferrari

The SF90 Stradale Ferrari model has made a significant impact with its incorporation of Vantablack, captivating enthusiasts worldwide. However, the choice of adorning a supercar with a material that absorbs light and converts it into heat raises practicality concerns, particularly when considering the need to protect the engine from the intense heat generated during combustion.

Presumably, testing is underway to validate the endurance of a Vantablack-coated Ferrari during a brief drive, ensuring it can withstand elevated temperatures. This development is especially promising for individuals interested in enveloping their Ferrari in a Vantablack Wrap.

This innovation not only adds an element of uniqueness but also prompts considerations about the material's resilience in high-temperature conditions. The prospect of a Vantablack-coated Ferrari opens doors for customization enthusiasts seeking a distinctive aesthetic, while ongoing tests address the practical implications of this avant-garde choice.

In essence, the allure of a Vantablack-adorned Ferrari extends beyond its visual impact, now encompassing a balance between avant-garde design and functional performance. This progression is welcomed news for those who aspire to enhance their Ferrari with a Vantablack Wrap, blending cutting-edge aesthetics with the enduring spirit of automotive excellence.

Black Wraps At RAXTiFY

quality car wrap

When delving into discussions about vehicle wraps, the name RAXTiFY invariably surfaces. As a stalwart in the realm of automotive customization, we have carved a niche for ourselves through the provision of top-tier vinyl wraps and an expansive array of choices tailored to our clients' discerning tastes. Below, we invite you to peruse our curated selection to discover the ideal complement for your automotive aspirations.

Glossy Black Wraps


Indulge your passion for pristine aesthetics with our essential vehicle wraps. Far beyond a mere coating, this transformative finish propels your vehicle to new heights of sophistication, leaving an indelible impression as a captivating investment. The undeniable allure of glossy black cars makes our wraps the quintessential choice for those aiming to make a statement.

At RAXTiFY, we proudly offer not just one, but two alluring options: the Super Gloss Coral Black Vinyl Wrap and the Super Gloss Piano Black. These choices redefine the boundaries of chic and glamorous automotive aesthetics, ensuring your vehicle stands out with unparalleled elegance. Elevate your ride with a finish that speaks volumes about your commitment to style and distinction.

Matte Black Wraps




Experience the enduring elegance of RAXTiFY's Matte Black wraps—a quintessential symbol of refined luxury. Renowned for their transformative capacity to enhance any vehicle with a touch of allure, these wraps present a distinctive choice. Characterized by a sleek, non-reflective finish, they craft an unassuming yet powerful aesthetic that resonates with enthusiasts of simplistic designs.

Indulge in the timeless sophistication of Matte Black wraps by RAXTiFY, elevating your vehicle with understated charm. Celebrated for their ability to revitalize any car with a dash of allure, these wraps stand out as a unique option. Their smooth, non-reflective surface creates a subtle yet impactful look, appealing to those who appreciate minimalist design.

Metallic Black Wraps




Transform your car into a masterpiece with the sophisticated allure of deep black wraps infused with mesmerizing metallic flakes. Elevate your vehicle's appearance with wraps that not only exude dark elegance but also boast exceptional light-reflective features. The result is a brilliant sparkle that gracefully enhances the unique contours of your cherished ride.

Immerse your vehicle in an enchanting radiance reminiscent of shimmering jewels. Combine the sleek sophistication of black wraps with the magnetic allure of metallic flakes, providing your car with a treatment that goes beyond the ordinary. These wraps feature remarkable light-reflective properties, creating a radiant sparkle that beautifully highlights the curves and lines of your vehicle.

Elevate your car's aesthetic with the refined charm of black wraps adorned with captivating metallic flakes. Bestow your vehicle with the attention it deserves through wraps that not only embody dark sophistication but also showcase outstanding light-reflective qualities. Revel in the brilliant sparkle that gracefully emphasizes the contours of your prized possession.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Vantablack Car Wrap?
Vantablack Car Wrap is a revolutionary material that uses Vantablack technology, known for its exceptional light-absorbing properties. It is a car wrap option that gives vehicles an incredibly dark and non-reflective appearance.

2. Is Vantablack Car Wrap legal for road use?
Yes, Vantablack Car Wrap is generally legal for road use. However, it's essential to check and adhere to local regulations regarding vehicle color and reflectivity to ensure compliance with safety standards.

3. How durable is Vantablack Car Wrap?
Vantablack Car Wrap is designed to be durable and resistant to normal wear and tear. It is formulated to withstand exposure to the elements, UV rays, and washing. However, like any car wrap, it may require proper care to maintain its appearance over time.

4. Can Vantablack Car Wrap be applied to any car surface?
Vantablack Car Wrap can be applied to most car surfaces, including metal, plastic, and glass. However, it's recommended to consult with a professional installer to ensure proper application and compatibility with specific vehicle materials.

5. Does Vantablack Car Wrap affect the car's temperature?
Vantablack Car Wrap's impact on a car's temperature is minimal. While it absorbs light efficiently, it does not significantly contribute to heat buildup. The wrap is designed to reflect infrared radiation, helping to maintain a temperature similar to that of traditional car wraps.

Final Words on Vantablack Car Wrap

Exploring the realms of luxury car customization and automotive design continually pushes the boundaries of innovation, with a seamless blend of science and engineering. Imagine the fusion of cutting-edge materials and technology in the form of Vantablack car wraps, symbolizing a perfect marriage of scientific prowess and automotive artistry.

While the realization of Vantablack car wraps remains on the horizon, you can now capture the essence of the ultra-black and enigmatic aura through our exclusive black wraps at RAXTiFY. Elevate your visual experience with an unparalleled showcase of modern design and charisma.

To make a statement that steps into the void of ultra-black aesthetics, simply visit our website and explore the myriad possibilities. Immerse yourself in the allure of automotive sophistication – an experience that transcends the ordinary and embodies the extraordinary.

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