Wrapping For Your Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Vinyl Wraps: The Perfect Blend of Style and Protection

Ford Mustang Vinyl Wraps: The Perfect Blend of Style and Protection

The Ford Mustang stands as more than a mere luxury vehicle; it embodies a piece of American heritage. Renowned for generations, this classic automobile combines the elegance of luxury with unmatched functionality. For a vehicle steeped in such rich history, maintaining its storied legacy is paramount for every enthusiast.

Owning a Ford Mustang is a matter of pride, and preserving its timeless allure is crucial. This guide delves into the world of vinyl wraps, an essential tool for both safeguarding and personalizing your Mustang. Let's explore how you can keep your car looking its best with RAXTiFY’s expert tips on car wraps. Continue reading to discover more!

Why Vinyl Wrapping Your Mustang is a Smart Choice

Wrapping your Mustang in vinyl is a brilliant decision for several reasons. Firstly, it's a fantastic way to elevate its already stunning appearance. Imagine adding a layer of sleek, glossy metallic bronze orange vinyl to that iconic design – it transforms your Mustang into a unique masterpiece.

Secondly, a vinyl wrap offers essential protection. You've admired the pristine paintwork of your Mustang; now, imagine safeguarding it from wear and tear. A quality wrap from RAXTiFY not only preserves the paint but also prevents rust on your vehicle's body.

Thirdly, the harsh realities of weather and road use – UV rays, rain, and the occasional scrape – can't be avoided. Wrapping your Mustang in a resilient vinyl color, like Midnight Purple, shields it from these elements. Should you decide to remove or change the wrap, you'll find the original paintwork as pristine as ever.

Fourthly, vinyl wraps are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to repainting. Why alter the Mustang's original paint when you can temporarily change its color? Options like Glossy Metallic Black, Vampire Red, or even the daring Candy Metallic Neon Green, offer versatility without compromising the car's authenticity.

Lastly, vinyl wraps provide flexibility. Tired of the current color? Simply switch it up with a new wrap. This level of customization is not possible with traditional paint jobs. With a Ford Mustang and a RAXTiFY wrap, you get the perfect combination of style, protection, and versatility.

How Much Vinyl Do I Need To Wrap My Mustang?

Are you considering a vinyl wrap for your Ford Mustang but unsure about how much material you'll need? You're not alone. Many Mustang owners find themselves perplexed, often purchasing too little or too much vinyl for their car wrap project. Let's clear up the confusion!

The quantity of vinyl wrap needed varies depending on the Mustang's model. For the First Generation Ford Mustang, which measures around 181.6 inches (4.61264m) in length, you'll likely need about 14 meters (15 yards) of vinyl wrap to cover the whole vehicle.

Similarly, for the second to fourth generation Ford Mustangs, which have lengths of roughly 175 inches, 179.6 inches, and between 181.5 to 183.5 inches, you would require around 15 yards of vinyl wrap. This estimation breaks down to 10 yards for both sides and 5 yards for the rest of the car.

Moving to the more recent models, the fifth and sixth generation Mustangs, which stretch to about 187.6 inches and 188.3 inches respectively, it's recommended to have 16 yards of vinyl wrap at hand. Of course, if you're only wrapping specific parts of your Mustang, the amount of vinyl required would be considerably less.

Ford Mustang Dimensions 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Ford Mustang?

If you're considering a DIY approach to wrap your Ford Mustang, the costs might range from $250 to $900. On the other hand, hiring a professional for the job could set you back between $2000 and $4000. The final price largely depends on your Mustang's model and size.

But remember, these figures only cover the installation. The expense of purchasing the vinyl wrap itself for your Mustang is another matter. You're looking at spending about $675 to $750 for a 5-yard roll, with the price varying based on the type of finish you choose. For instance, a carbon fiber finish will generally cost more compared to a matte one.

Color and Design Varieties

Navigating through a wide range of wrap options can be overwhelming, which is why we've compiled this list to present you with the top choices in the market.

1. Metallic Vinyl

Always in vogue, our smooth and shiny metallic wraps come in several varieties. For your Ford Mustang, consider these stunning shades:

  • Gloss Metallic Rosewood Red gives the Mustang a luxurious and sophisticated look with its deep, metallic red sheen.
  • Gloss Metallic Glitter Black Purple Car Wrap transforms the Mustang into a stunning spectacle with its shimmering black and purple hues, adding a touch of glamour and depth.
  • Gloss Metallic Black Red Car Wrap gives the Mustang a sleek and bold appearance, featuring a glossy black base accented with striking red metallic highlights.
  • Color Shift Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap makes the Mustang stand out with a mesmerizing color shift effect, seamlessly blending from black to red with rainbow hues in motion.

2. Gloss and Glamour

Gloss, a timeless finish found on many cars, gets a unique twist at RAXTiFY. We offer unusual colors and varying gloss levels to meet your specific taste. For a Ford Mustang, our gloss collection has:

  • Vibrant red tones like the Gloss Lavender Purple and Gloss Mint Green, perfect for a lustrous look.
  • A striking combination of Super Gloss Rose Pink with a black wrap for the hood, creating a head-turning contrast.

3. Matte Elegance

A matte finish on a premium vehicle like the Ford Mustang creates a stunningly sleek effect. Opting for a Matte Black Olive Vinyl Wrap will enhance the Mustang's meticulously designed exterior, adding to its enviable allure.

  • Matte Army Green Vinyl Wrap: This wrap gives the Mustang a rugged and robust appearance with its sleek, matte army green finish.
  • The matte black vinyl wrap gives the Mustang a sleek, sophisticated look with a modern, understated elegance.
  • A Mustang wrapped in Satin Chrome Silk Oxide Red Vinyl Wrap exudes a luxurious, sleek appearance with its smooth, matte finish and rich, deep red hue.

4. Carbon Fiber Appeal

The carbon fiber wrap is a recent addition to the vinyl wrap collection, emulating the real fiber's texture. Primarily used for partial wraps, its simple yet distinctive texture offers a unique aesthetic. Get ahead of the trend and be one of the first to partially wrap your Mustang in Carbon Fiber, setting your vehicle apart with its understated yet striking appearance.

5. Personalized Wraps

Haven't found the perfect wrap for your Ford Mustang yet? Why not create your own? Thanks to advanced technology, you can now design, print, and install your very own personalized vinyl wrap on your vehicle. Incorporate any design element you desire, from photographs and posters to unique patterns – the choice is yours!

6. Decals and Stickers

The innovative idea of partial wrapping offers a stylish solution without the full cost or use of materials. This could involve wrapping only specific parts of your Mustang or applying vinyl decals and stickers. You have the option to select pre-made designs, or even better, create your own for that extra personal touch. There's a vast array of decals available, including fiery designs, colorful stripes, or even distinctive motifs to enhance the look of your Mustang.

7. Patterns and Prints

And if you thought those were all your options, there's more. The most eye-catching of all are the patterned wraps. These are for those who aim to turn heads and stand out. Discover a variety of patterns ranging from animal prints, geometric designs, checkered themes to abstract art. These unique wraps let you express the wilder side of your Mustang with unparalleled style.

Newest Drops For Your Mustang at RAXTiFY

Revitalize Your Ride with the Newest Colors for Your Mustang! Embrace the trend and give your Mustang a fresh, vibrant look with our latest selection of vinyl wraps. From the deep, rich tones to the bright, eye-catching hues, we have the perfect color to match your style and make your Mustang stand out. Get ready to turn heads and drive with renewed pride, showcasing the latest in automotive fashion on your beloved Mustang. It's time to transform your journey with a splash of color!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to remove the vinyl wrap from my Mustang?
A: Absolutely! We prioritize the safety of your prized Mustang. Our car wraps are designed for easy removal without leaving any sticky residue. So, rest assured, your Mustang will stay in perfect condition even after the wrap is taken off.

Q: What's the best way to wash my wrapped Mustang?
For maintaining your wrapped car, we suggest gentle cleaning methods using soft cloths and mild cleaning solutions. While you can use a power washer, it's important to keep it at a low pressure and at least 12 inches away from the car to avoid any damage.


Choosing to wrap your car, especially a Mustang, is a smart decision. For top-notch quality, lasting durability, and a wide range of choices, RAXTiFY is your go-to option. Browse our selection of vinyl wraps on our website, get in touch with a skilled car customizer, and watch your Mustang transform into something even more spectacular!

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