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Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap

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1. Please be aware that the color representation in the images may vary depending on your screen settings or device. We recommend using the provided color swatch for an accurate representation of the color.

2. For orders of 49feet or smaller, we will peel off the protective layer before shipment to ensure the vinyl is suitable for shipping.

3.Our standard shipping time is 5-8 business days, with an additional 1-2 business days for order processing. This timeframe excludes weekends and holidays.

4. Kindly note that products ordered separately may come from different color lots, which could result in slight color variations compared to previous orders.

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Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap

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Vinyl Film Structure

Our mirror chrome wrap films consist of 4 layers designed to ensure exceptional performance. The first layer serves as a protective barrier for the underlying vinyl. Directly beneath, you'll find high-grade polymeric vinyl fortified with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Finally, a layer of top-tier 130um papper liner adds an extra level of quality to our wrap films. This plastic liner ensures a smoother, super glossy, and lustrous finish

High Grade Calendered Vinyl Film

Our car wraps meet the highest industry standards for quality. You can trust that our vinyl are manufactured to deliver top-ntch results, making them ideal for enhancing your vehicle..

Why Choose Laser Satin Chrome White Wrap?

Enhance your vehicle's appearance with our Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap. This durable wrap adds a sleek, modern look while protecting your car's original paint. Made with high-quality vinyl, it provides long-lasting coverage and is easy to apply. Elevate your ride with the expertly crafted Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap.

Unmatched Elegance

The Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap is designed to exude unmatched elegance, transforming your vehicle into a sleek masterpiece on wheels. The satin finish not only catches the light in a unique way but also adds a touch of luxury to your car's exterior. Whether you're looking to enhance the appearance of your personal vehicle or make a lasting impression with a company car, this wrap is the epitome of refined style.

Precision Engineering

Crafted with precision engineering, the Laser Satin Chrome White Wrap ensures a seamless and bubble-free application. The advanced adhesive technology guarantees a smooth finish that not only looks impeccable but also stands the test of time. The vinyl wrap is carefully manufactured to be durable, weather-resistant, and UV-stable, providing long-lasting protection to your vehicle's original paint.

Striking Color Dynamics

The Laser Satin Chrome White boasts striking color dynamics that set it apart from traditional vinyl wraps. The unique chrome white finish has a laser effect that adds depth and dimension to the color, creating a mesmerizing visual impact. Whether in bright sunlight or under city lights, your vehicle will radiate a captivating glow that captures attention wherever you go.

Versatility in Application

This versatile vinyl wrap is suitable for a wide range of applications, from personal cars and trucks to commercial fleets. Its flexibility allows it to conform seamlessly to the curves and contours of your vehicle, ensuring a professional and customized look. The Laser Satin Chrome White Wrap is a popular choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a hassle-free solution to upgrade any vehicle's appearance.

Easy Maintenance

Say goodbye to complicated maintenance routines. The Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap is not only easy to apply but also simple to maintain. With its resistance to dirt, grime, and everyday wear, keeping your vehicle looking pristine becomes a breeze. Regular washing with mild soap and water is all it takes to preserve the brilliance of the wrap, ensuring a long-lasting investment in style.

Installation Expertise

For a flawless application, professional installation is recommended. Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of working with the Laser Satin Chrome White Vinyl Wrap. With years of experience, they ensure a meticulous application that maximizes the visual impact of the wrap while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's surface.


In conclusion, the Laser Satin Chrome White Car Wrap is more than a product; it's a transformation. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic, make a statement, and turn heads wherever you go. With its precision engineering, striking color dynamics, and easy maintenance, this vinyl wrap is the epitome of automotive sophistication. Choose the Laser Satin Chrome White Wrap for a seamless blend of style and innovation that redefines vehicle customization.

CAUTION锛歍he images, colors, and finishes on the screen are approximations. We suggest using the provided color swatch for an accurate representation of the color. We will peel off the protection layer before shipment if your order is 16feet or other small feet in order to make the vinyl good for shipping.

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How Does RAXTiFY Make The Vinyl Wraps?

How Does RAXTiFY Make The Vinyl Wraps?

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How Does RAXTiFY Test The Vinyl Wrap?

How Does RAXTiFY Test The Vinyl Wrap?

Ensuring top-notch quality is our priority. Rigorous testing procedures guarantee our vinyl wraps meet the highest industry standards.