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Features | Glitter Vinyl Wrap

Step into a world of shimmer and shine with RAXTiFY's Glitter Vinyl Wrap Collection. Just as burgundy exudes sophistication, our glitter wraps radiate glamour and allure. Crafted to add a touch of sparkle to your vehicle, these wraps are perfect for those who dare to dazzle and stand out from the crowd.

Why Glitter Vinyl Wraps?

Embrace the magic of glitter with our premium vinyl wraps. Designed for those who crave attention and crave attention, our glitter wraps are more than just a color change - they're a statement. Whether you're driving through city streets or cruising along the coastline, our wraps ensure your vehicle catches the light and turns heads wherever you go.

Glitter Vinyl Wrap Films Specifications

Experience the brilliance of RAXTiFY's Glitter Vinyl Wraps, meticulously crafted to elevate your vehicle's aesthetic to dazzling heights. Our wraps boast features tailored to meet the demands of every discerning car enthusiast:

  • Exquisite Glitter Finish: Each wrap exudes a captivating sparkle, adding an irresistible allure to your vehicle.
  • Premium Vinyl Construction: Engineered for lasting durability, ensuring your vehicle shines brightly for years to come.
  • Enhanced UV Protection: Maintain the mesmerizing sparkle with advanced UV protection, safeguarding against color fade.
  • User-Friendly Design: Effortlessly apply and remove the wrap with our user-friendly design, making customization a breeze.
  • Versatile Fit: Designed to accommodate a wide range of car types and sizes, ensuring a seamless and flawless application.
  • Unrivaled Quality: Experience the RAXTiFY difference with wraps that blend quality, convenience, and unparalleled style.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car In Glitter?

Material Cost

When considering a head-turning vehicle makeover, our Glitter Vinyl Wrap emerges as the perfect choice for those seeking both style and durability. Priced between $3.00 and $4.50 per square foot, our wraps offer an unbeatable combination of affordability and glamour. Here's an approximate breakdown of the amount of wrap needed for different vehicle types:

  • Compact car: 5ft*59ft
  • Standard/Mid-size car: 5ft*69ft
  • Truck/SUV: 5ft*75ft

Labor Cost

Opting for professional application of our Glitter Vinyl Wrap varies in cost depending on several factors. On average, prices range from $600 to $3500, with a standard sedan costing approximately $2500. Rest assured, the investment in professional installation ensures a flawless finish and maximum visual impact, ensuring your vehicle shines bright like a diamond.

How Long Will Your Glitter Wrap Shine?

A glitter vinyl wrap adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to your vehicle, but how long will that shine last? Typically, a glitter vinyl wrap can maintain its dazzling appearance for approximately 2-3 years, depending largely on maintenance and exposure conditions. Just like with any vinyl wrap, the durability of a glitter wrap is influenced by various factors, including the type of vehicle, washing frequency, care methods, and exposure to sunlight.

Factors Affecting Durability

  • Vehicle Type: The size and shape of your vehicle can impact the longevity of the glitter wrap. Smaller vehicles may experience less wear and tear compared to larger ones.

  • Washing Frequency: Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the brilliance of your glitter wrap. However, excessive washing or harsh cleaning agents can diminish its shine over time.

  • Care Methods: Gentle cleaning with soap and water is recommended to preserve the glitter wrap's finish. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbing techniques that could damage the surface.

  • Sun Exposure: Direct sunlight, particularly in regions with intense UV rays, can accelerate fading and diminish the sparkle of the glitter wrap. Parking in shaded areas or using a car cover can help minimize sun exposure.

How To Maintain Your Glitter Vinyl Wrap?

Preserving the dazzling sparkle and pristine condition of your glitter vinyl wrap is essential to ensure its long-lasting beauty. Follow these guidelines to maintain your wrap's vibrant appearance:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your vehicle, adorned with glitter vinyl wrap, at least bi-monthly using a gentle soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents or abrasive materials, as they may damage the glitter finish.

  2. Protect from Sunlight: Minimize the wrap's exposure to direct sunlight, particularly in regions with intense UV rays. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the glitter particles to fade or lose their sparkle over time.

  3. Avoid Wax and Polish: Refrain from applying any wax, polish, or liquid protectant on the glitter vinyl wraps. These products can diminish the glitter's shine and may create an uneven surface texture.

  4. Spot Cleaning: For spot cleaning and prompt removal of contaminants, use a diluted solution of mild soap and water. Gently dab the affected area with a soft cloth or sponge, avoiding vigorous scrubbing to prevent damage to the glitter finish.

  5. Shaded Parking: Whenever possible, park your vehicle in shaded areas to minimize exposure to environmental elements and maintain the integrity of the glitter vinyl wrap.

  6. Be Mindful of Obstacles: Exercise caution to avoid obstacles that could scratch or tear the vinyl, such as curbs, road debris, or abrasive surfaces.

Variety in Glitter Vinyl Wraps

In the realm of car wraps, the enchanting allure of glitter vinyl never fails to captivate attention. At RAXTiFY, we understand the significance of offering a diverse range of options to cater to every individual's unique style preferences. Our glitter vinyl wrap collection features an array of mesmerizing shades and textures, ensuring you'll find the perfect hue to reflect your distinct taste and personality.

Final Words

Glitter vinyl wraps are more than just a style statement – they're a dazzling expression of individuality and flair. Transform your vehicle into a sparkling masterpiece that commands attention wherever it goes. Whether you opt for a full wrap or a partial accent, our high-quality glitter vinyl wraps ensure your car radiates with undeniable charm and sophistication. Elevate your ride and embrace the brilliance of glitter vinyl wraps today.

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